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Machine to Machine Authentication Limit on Free Plan



I would like to clarify the limitation on machine to machine authentication for free plan.
The pricing page says the free plan allows “Up to 1,000” of machine to machine authentication.

What exactly does this “1,000” mean for? Is it number of access tokens Auth0 can offer for client credential exchange per month? Or we can define 1,000 applications for machine to machine?
I wanted to also know how I can check the current number of machine to machine authentication I have used, to see when I would hit the limitation.



HI @j.makishi.
The “1,000” number refers to the number of tokens issued. You can check the number of tokens issued at Note that Support Center might report that you have “0” as the limit, but the actual number is 1,000.

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Hi @nicolas_sabena

Thanks for the answer. I can see the number!
To clarify, it is per-month base limit, correct?


Yes, that is per-month.


Thank you for the kind answers!

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hi @nicolas_sabena

Came across a follow-up question.

Does this limit counts token issued for Management API ?
Looks we can call Management API in Rule but I am wondering if the auth0.accessToken given in a Rule is a token counted for the limit.

If this is the case, we will not be able to use Management API in Rule in Developer subscription, correct?


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Hi @j.makishi. Just confirmed internally: tokens issued for internal audiences (like the Management API v2 tokens) don’t count in the total. :+1:

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Thanks! Great.
Maybe it would be helpful to others if we can have a document clearly state it.


Hey @j.makishi!

Thank you a lot for the feedback! I’ll report it to appropriate time so they can adjust it.

Thanks a lot!


Found that there is already a description in Support Center’s Quota Utilization page. My bad, I couldn’t find it before asking the question…

Number of access tokens issued by Auth0 for the client credentials grant, per calendar month, per tenant. Tokens issued for Auth0 Management API or other Auth0 built in APIs are not counted.


Glad you were able to find it eventually!

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