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I am developing a new API to integrate my companies software with a lender. I am considering using auth0 as an authentication layer. I just had some questions looking to be pointed to some documentation and to get some clarity on the pricing structure.

The pricing chart I am referencing currently:


  1. Machine to Machine are capped at a certain amount (1000 for the free tier).
    a. Is this per authentication token request?
    b. Is this per authentication token generated? ( There is an expiration in the response to the request and I am not sure if the same taken is kept within that period or a new one is generating each request)

  2. To give a “Machine” access to the API you must create a Machine-to-Machine Application.

    a. Is there a limit to Machine-to-Machine applications created?
    b. Is there a charge for creating a Machine-to-Machine application?
    c. Is there a way to create an application via scripting?

  3. Is there cost/limits I a missing in my use case?

    a. Use case being , using Auth0 as an authentication wrapper for my API for M2M communication.

Hi there @anthonys welcome to the community!

The M2M token quota is per token created and not per request - You will want to do some sort of caching on your end to make sure you aren’t using too many. Important to note that tokens created for Auth0 APIs are not counted in this quota. Please see this post for details:

Yes, M2M applications created count towards your application quota.

M2M applications are included in your overall subscription application limit and aren’t unique from SPA, Web, Native applications, etc.

Yes - You can use the Management API to achieve this: Auth0 Management API v2 We also offer a CLI as well.

I think this about covers everything, but you may want to reach out to our sales team just to make sure!

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the detailed response! I have a follow up question if you don’t mind.

I am not seeing an application quota in the pricing chart. Is it named something else?

No problem, happy to help!

You’re right, it’s not listed in the pricing chart but can be found here:

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Exteneding Question 1 a bit further.

Is the 1000 M2M token quota perpetual or a monthly quota?

Hey there @anthonys! It’s monthly - You should be able to see usage if you navigate to Tenant Settings (name of tenant in upper left corner) → Quota Utilization as in the screenshots below:

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