Understanding Pricing

Hi there,

I’m trying to get my head around how the pricing works for using Auth0.

What I’m wanting to do is use Auth0 to authenticate in my SPA, manage user profiles, and to secure access to my own backend.

If I’m understanding things right, I would only pay for the number of users, and Free Tier would give me 7k of those as well.

The things that I wouldn’t pay for are:

  • Logging in using the Auth0 UI
  • Using the Auth0 Token in my own backend, validating it myself (If that’s possible? I assume it is!)
  • API calls from my backend to Auth0 to retrieve and update user profiles

That third one is the big one that I’m unsure of because different pages seem to indicate different things. I’m basing it on Management API Access Tokens, which says " Tokens issued for Auth0 APIs (Management API, Authentication API, MFA API, etc.) do not count toward the M2M token quota listed in the Dashboard."

Is that understanding correct? Especially the way M2M quotas work. If not then my 1,000 a month isn’t going to be a huge amount - that’s only about 30 a day, which can go quite quickly with automated tests if you’re not careful.


Hi @sazzer,

First of all, I want to clarify that M2M tokens are used when your backend or CLI (non-human) wants to use an Access Token issued by Auth0 to call your API. This is very important. Our M2M pricing only makes sense when you want your applications to access your APIs in a non-interactive way.

As you’ve already noticed, this doesn’t include Auth0 APIs. For example, if your application will only access our Management API or our Authentication API, then you will not consume any of your M2M token quota.

A more visual explanation can be seen here: Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication - Auth0

In a nutshell, if you don’t need to secure API Authentication for Non-interactive Apps, then you will not consume any M2M token quota.

Aha - that’s the bit that makes it all make sense. Thanks :slight_smile:

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