Developer Pricing what is the cost of exceeding 7000 MAU

I’m trying to find an approximate answer to the question: “What will it cost us if we suddenly get 1 million MAU?”
I can’t find this detail in any of the pricing documentation.

Our Auth0 tenant is about to exceed the 7,000 MAU which is a good thing!

I understand that if we exceed the plan then…

Yes, if you pass the 7,000 users mark, you need to select an applicable paid Plan and select the right amount of users for your use case. Paid plans let you pick a custom number of users, from 1,000 up to 100,000 or more.

But this is missing the price.

When we exceed the 7,000 MAU on the Developer B2B - Essentials plan then what will we expect to pay for extra users (assuming it’s a price per 1K MAU) ?

(Just for arguments sake let’s say we are not willing to upgrade to a higher plan although in truth we would be happy to negotiate.)

Hi @jesse2,

First off, congrats on your new users. That would be awesome growth! :smile:

Sadly, this isn’t something we can answer here. You’ll need to talk to our sales team for exact pricing models. I can only share the numbers that are publicly available on Pricing - Auth0.

If you are planning on this type of influx or suspect you’ll see a large influx of users in a short period (like a product release), I would suggest reaching out to our sales/customer success team regardless, just to ensure things go smoothly.

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