Previously paid for Developer PRO tenants now FREE!

Our administration has advised me that we have not been invoiced for a couple of months for any of our Developer PRO tenants.

We have 4 tenants that, up to the beginning of August, used to total $460/month. Unfortunately, as everything has now been lumped under a single “FREE” subscription, we have been unable to open a ticket and tickets created by sending email to support have been automatically closed. Note that all our tenants still appear as “Developer PRO” in spite of not being invoiced any more and being over the Free monthly amount threshold.

Given that we have been deprived of an appropriate channel to communicate with your company on what is ostensibly a private billing matter, we have tried to engage Sales to prompt you to resolve the issue and resume billing. Regrettably we have been advised to open a ticket, which is the very thing we are unable to do in the first place … and so we turn to Community in the hope that someone from auth0 is monitoring this channel and can help us resolve this issue.

Of course, if it is truly your intention to suddenly provide your services for free, please let us know, and I’ll amend our budget accordingly. Conversely please contact me with some meaningful means of reaching you in order to resolve the matter.

Best Regards,

Francesco Arci
ARK Energy

Hi @francesco.arci,

Sorry for the confusion! Can you please send me the name of the tenants in a DM and we can move forward there. Thank you!

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