Upgrade to Developer Plan

Hi there, We would like to upgrade to product - Developer $253/yr from Free Plan.

  1. Is it possible to pay through an Invoice rather upfront with Credit card?
  2. Is there any standard agreement that we can sign, we would like to review auto-renewal and cancellation clause etc.

Hey there!

In order to do that once you login to your dashboard please use the Discuss your needs button in the upper right corner.

You can also ask those questions there to have them addressed by our Sales Team.

Hi Konard, Thank you for your reply!

I went through the same rouse before reaching our through community and got below response from sales team -

Hi Saurabh,

So you can send a ticket through the community if you are on a free plan. You would have access to the Support tickets if you were on a paid plan or free trial.

Unfortunately the best way for you to do this is through the community or support as I do not have the ability to create tickets.


Please advise.

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Alrighty, let me handle it for you then! Will get back to you with the answers soon!

Hey there!

Already asked those questions and waiting for official answers but, I’m quite sure with developer pro you won’t be able to do the first one which is invoicing rather than the card, in terms of agreement there should be something like that consisting of such element BUT let’s wait a bit for the official news on that :slight_smile:

Got a confirmation for those two.

  1. Only if you are on Enterprise.
  2. You can view all that under those links:

Hi Konard,

Thank you for your response!

Team has an additional query, Could you please help.

I don’t see anything regarding service level agreement. On further review, based on their legal and product descriptions, it’s only provided with Enterprise level accounts.

As SLA+support is the primary driver for moving from free-tier to paid subscription, can you ask your Auth0 contact what pricing would look like for an “entry level” Enterprise plan. Basically, we don’t expect to exceed “Developer” tier usage, but would like SLA & Enterprise support.

Let me research that information and get back to you shortly!

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bump; still awaiting a reply

Hey there!

I must have missed your message. Please give me a few minutes and I’ll get back to you!

In terms of SLAs, there’s everything here:

In terms of discussing any modifications to our pricing tiers you need to contact our sales team through:


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