Passwordless email rejected to iCloud: 550 5.7.1 [CS01] Message rejected due to local policy

Hi everyone.

We are using the passwordless setup, sending emails. When sending to iCloud users, we get this error:

550 5.7.1 [CS01] Message rejected due to local policy. Please visit

I.e. the email is not sent, and the user can’t log in. Did any of you get this error before?

Hey there @alexab!

I’m currently in the process of checking it. Will let you know once I find something!

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Hey there!

I need to know what server you have (you’re not using the test e-mail framework, right?).
Looks like your server might be blocked as a known spammer.

Please do provide me with the above info so I can dig into it further!

Hi @konrad.sopala - what do you mean by “what server you have”?


With what service are you sending your emails with?

We are using Sendgrid

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Got one more question to proceed with that. Can you let me know if you’ve done that:


We don’t have a dedicated IP on our current plan - do you think that’s the issue?

Thanks for providing that info it might be the reason. Basically it seems like the thing is not coming from our side. There are two things that I will go for right now:

  • Reach out to Apple support (
  • It is possible that SendGrid as a mass mailer sends big amount of spam and it will be generally hard to tackle without their support

Ok, thanks for the help. We will investigate, and give updates if we find something.

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Sure let me know @alexab! To be honest it’s quite a difficult case to determine what’s the root cause as it might be coming from SendGrid / Apple or finally from ours but to me it seems like something with SendGrid as they are your mail provider.

Let’s check Apple and we’ll know more!

Hey there @alexab!

Have you got any info back?

Hey Alex!

Did Apple support already reach out to you?

Hi Konrad. Sorry for not returning sooner. I think I will pause this issue until we upgrade our plan at Sendgrid. Before doing this I’m unsure we can follow best practice

Sure! No problem. Won’t be closing this thread. Let me know once you have any other questions!

It seems that there are more developers having this issue with SendGrid: