Passwordless Connection is not sending emails

We have configured email on passwordless connection and it was working up til morning. We are using sendgrid to send emails but that is working since welcome emails are coming though.
Only the code being sent through passwordless is not working.
In logs, I can see that it shows as email being sent but its not received.
Have tested multiple email providers as well.
Is it a bug with Auth0? How can this be resolved?

I tried it myself with a custom email provider and also with the built-in test provider and although for my first test there was a small delay in receiving the email, in both situations I was able to receive the emails generated from passwordless.

Given that I also experienced a small delay in one of the tests I did this may have been a temporary situation; can you retry and confirm if you’re still experiencing issues?

It was a temporary issue. Though took 4 hours approx. All the emails have come through.