Passwordless email dosnt work when using external provider

i am struggling to send passwordless code through office365 api. the test api works fine and can send mail, while i get error in the log when trying to send the otp code notification

Hi @dagtveit,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It looks like you have configured Microsoft 365 as your email provider on the Dashboard.

Have you tried sending a test email after configuring your Microsoft 365 email provider settings?

If you have done so already, I recommend checking your Microsoft 365 email activity to see the errors you are experiencing around not being able to send the OTP code notification.

From my investigation, I found in your Auth0 Logs that the code was sent was the user and they were able to log in successfully. Now, because you are using an external email provider, you will have to verify the activity on the Microsoft 365 dashboard since Auth0 is no longer responsible for sending the emails.


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