Not receiving OTP for passwordless authentication

Hi Team,
We are using StartPasswordlessEmailFlowAsync API for starting passwordless authentication with below parameters-
Email = ‘’,
ClientId = ‘3qzeHEwQnWaXDRQP48TdcUKQRXcZ8aBt’,
ClientSecret = ‘jShjGV8S9llP3MgopdRqXdqgyVu8yJq_m1Nc_18GVVBv0N0M3nd28hyA2LEUb3MG’,
Type = PasswordlessEmailRequestType.Code,
AuthenticationParameters = new Dictionary<string, object>() {
“scope”, “openid profile email offline_access”

We are getting success response as shown below but not getting OTP on the email .


This functionality was working properly till Friday .
An urgent help is needed as we are planning a client demo.

Hi @ritesh.rai,

Have you configured a Configure External SMTP Email Providers? The default provider is for testing only and should not be considered reliable.

Yes we are using sendgrid as Custom Email Provider. I got the clue and issue is fixed now.Thanks!

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Perfect, please reach out if you have any other questions.

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