Not receiving OTP over Email using Passwordless Rest API Authentication


I have integrated Passwordless Rest API in my serverside to trigger OTP to customer for doing passwordless authentication.
I have read all docs and have configured evrything as below from auth0 website.

  1. Set up a Regular Web Application and granted Passwordless OTP grantType
  2. Enable Passwordless Email connection and applied this Web App to it.( am using default Auth0 email server as is)
  3. Created a user using managment REST API with connection as “email” for my regular webapp’s client ID .User was created and i can see that user in dashboard.
  4. Referred this link to fire the first passwordless Rest API to send the OTP using POSTMAN.
    Embedded Passwordless Login in Regular Web Applications
    ex- Post - /passwordless/start
    “client_id”: “”,
    “client_secret”: “”,
    “connection”: “email”,
    “email”: “”,
    “send”: “code”

I get this resonse from POSTMAN-( status - 200)
“_id”: “648c1a6b0488e9adf55054ca”,
“email”: “my _email”,
“email_verified”: false
5)I checked logs for this API call in dashboard and it says , “code sent” .I checked the clientID and its fine.
6) I never receive any email (junk or my quarantine server).tried so many times!!!

Can someone help what am I missing.!
This “EMAIL_VERIFIED” field is FALSE for this user which i created using management API.