Password confirmation field on signup and default tab on the lock


I have 2 questions about the authO lock.

  1. How can we add a password confirmation field in the sign-up tab of the AuthO lock ? I can see there are couple of questions already on this (but they are couple of years old). Hence wanted to check if this functionality has now been implemented in AuthO lock as its a standard practice these days.
  2. I want to know if the default tab for the AuthO lock can be dynamically configured? My use case is that we have two buttons on our website ( one for signup and one for login). What I want is that when user clicks signup button, AuthO lock with sign-up tab as active should be shown whereas if the user clicks login button, AuthO lock with login tab as active should be shown. (PS: I am aware of the
var options = {
  initialScreen: 'signUp'

But this is hard-coded, I want to know if this can be done dynamically).


Hi @codenameredpanda

  1. it’s not supported with Lock but has been added to the product backlog, though a while ago already. Related Github ticket is at Repeat password on sign up · Issue #61 · auth0/lock · GitHub
    If needed, that would require a custom UI at the moment.
  1. There are two ways to achieve it:


In any case, one solution regardless of SDK used would be to use two different callback URLs, such as:

http://localhost:3000/callback?register and http://localhost:3000/callback?login (you’d need to add those to the allowed callback URLs as well) and then check this in the login page from config.callbackURL and make a decision based on that which initialScreen to show.


If you’re using auth0-js (not auth0-spa-sdk), then you could add the mode parameter to the authorize request, like this:

  login(customState) {
      appState: customState,
      mode: 'signUp'

and read it in the login page (Auth0 > Dashboard > Universal Login > Login > Use Custom Page) via config.extraParam.mode to set the correct initialScreen.

Also see the answer on

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