WebAuth: A Separate Sign Up Link

On our static website, we have one link says Sign In and another is Sign Up.
When clicking the Sign In, it jumps to our web app, which firstly loads the Auth0 model (WebAuth), and pops up the Auth0 Log In/Sign Up window. Which is fine, because the default tab on that window is Log In.
I would like to know how can I link the Sign Up button to the default Sign Up tab as well. Is there any configuration in WebAuth would allow me to default the tab on Sign Up?

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Based on the information provided you’re using Lock within your client application and want to have separate links for login/sign-up. In this situation, what you can do is have the actions triggered by each of those buttons showing Lock with a slightly different configuration.

In particular, for the sign-up case you can:

var options = {};

// ... other options

options.initialScreen = "signUp";
options.loginAfterSignUp = false;

options.languageDictionary = {};
options.languageDictionary.success = {};
options.languageDictionary.success.signUp = "Thanks for signing up; check your email.";

var lock = new Auth0Lock("[client_id]", "[domain]", options);

This would show the sign-up tab by default and also disable the automatic login after sign-up; this would mean that Lock would just show a message informing the end-user that sign-up was completed. You could then customize that message to include an hint that email verification is required before attempting to login.

Thank you, @jmangelo.
I’m actually using WebAuth (for React/ReactNative). Does the same configuration apply?

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Likely not, because you may be using a centralized login approach instead of embedded Lock. You should update your question with relevant snippets so that it’s possible to understand the flow your client application is using.