Login/signup widget question

Is there a way to show the login page with the signup tab pre-selected?


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Just curious, considering people sign up once and (hopefully) log in many times… is there a specific reason for defaulting to sign up?

It would be confusing for a user to click on a button labeled “sign up” and be taken to a login dialog.

Oh, so something like this: https://auth0.com/signup?&signUpData={"category"%3A"button"} :thinking:

It doesn’t need to be only a signup page. I actually like the combo dialog. I just need to be able to control which tab it shows.

Hey there @glayer!

I’m just checking whether it’s possible to achieve that. Let me get back to you once I find something on that!

Hi, I’m also interested in the answer to this question. Is this possible at all?
For example, I’d like to have 2 buttons on my page, “Login” and “Signup”, which point to auth0.com/login url, but for the signup link, I’d like that the Signup tab gets autofocused/autoselected somehow, instead of a user having to manually select it, in order to perform a sign up process.

Same question here:

it’s referring to this initialScreen option of the Lock widget:


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Here is the login html that I am using in my universal login setup. Check out http://mytrainingdocs.com to see the usage live.

Sign In with Auth0

I see. So for SPAs, there is an “initialScreen” parameter, when creating an Auth0Lock object.

But what about a classic web-app (not SPA)? How do you achieve it in that way?
For example, a visitor reaches your web page, clicks on the SignUp link and your web server calls the HttpContext.ChallengeAsync method (in ASP.NET for example), which essentially redirects a visitor to an uri like:


After that page loads, the login/signup screen is displayed and that’s where it would be great if we could auto-select the “signup” tab.