Don't show "sign up" tab to remembered users

Hi there!

I’d like our lock to be set to “signUp” tab by default. However, if user is already signed up and has already logged in before it should display the “login” tab with the “Last time you logged in with” usual message.

Based on this answer I know I can use initialScreen: 'signUp' config option to set the “sign up” tab as the default. Problem is, in this case our lock always shows the “sign up” tab even though a user is already signed up, logged in and rememebred.

Can I somehow detect if the user is remembered and don’t show him the “sign up” tabs by default?

:wave: @grdl are you using universal login? If so this thread should solve what you are trying to do by using and passing login_hint to determine whether to display the signup or the login as the initialScreen :

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