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Authorize set default view as register


Is there an option to present the register view by default?


Hi @moshfeu, see similar question and answers (esp. 2B if you’re still using auth0. js:

Thanks. I’m not sure what is the answer though. Because in the question OP said that

var options = {
  initialScreen: 'signUp'

Should work but it doesn’t.

Also not working:

var options = {
  mode: 'signUp'

even though it’s in the type definition of Auth0.js 9.10

Since you’re using the older auth0-js, the easiest is:

If you want to always show the signup page by default, simply hardcode

This needs to be set in Auth0 > Dashboard > Universal Login > Login > Customize Login Page (not in the client code / authorize request made from the client via auth0-js - I guess that’s the reason why it didn’t work when you tested it):

If you want to keep it dynamic based on the request made from the client, you can use the mode parameter - note that it must be put as option in the authorize method call, not in the constructor of the webAuth object (I guess that’s the reason why it didn’t work when you tested it):

  login(customState) {
      appState: customState,
      mode: 'signUp'


Thanks! I’ll try it.

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