How to default to signup tab when opening universal login in React Native

I’m unable to default to the signup tab when opening the universal login in React Native. I’ve tried both of these options below, and neither of them have worked.

auth0.webAuth.authorize({mode: 'signUp'});

auth0.webAuth.authorize({initialScreen: 'signUp'});

Is this possible via the universal login?


Hey there!

Can you tell me which docs you’re using (urls would be perfect) and also which UL are you using? The classic or new one?


I mainly was using these threads as reference, as well as any linked documentation within the threads. I am using the new UL.

I’ve also tried the below and these didn’t work either.

e.g. mycompany_showsignup='1' or mycompany_initialscreen='signup'


Unfortunately those tips were intended for Lock 10 not the newer versions. Which UL you use, classic or new?

Oh ok. I use the new UL.

Let me dig into that and get back to you shortly!

I managed to find out that it’s a current limitation of the new Universal Login unfortunately. Reference:

Ah ok, this is helpful thank you. Is there plans to address these limitations so that this functionality is available in the new UL?

Yep the team responsible for that feature is gradually working on those limitations but unfortunately I cannot disclose any ETA.

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