Universal login - Sign up tab redirect not working


Using “New Universal Login Experience”:
When user uses “Sign up” button in our App, we want to show him Sign Up tab on login screen.
We are using @auth0/auth0-react (latest version)
Call is:
loginWithRedirect({ screen_hint: ‘signup’ })}

But it does nothing.
We are folowing

Can you help please?


Hi @luk.domin,

Welcome to the Community!

Using the New Universal Login Experience it looks like loginWithRedirect({ screen_hint: ‘signup’ })} is working properly.

Could you send me a private message with your tenant’s name so I can help troubleshoot this?



Well, problem was… I thought we were using “New”, but we were using “Classic”.
My bad.
Thank you very much for your help, pointing this out.
It probably comes from fact, I did not find this “Universal Login” config screen anywhere in your new interface. I had to switch back to old to find it.

Anyways… it is really working properly now, after switching to New Login in our tenant.

Great! In the new admin interface, the Universal Login settings are located under “Branding”.

I’m happy to hear it is working now!

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