Launch signup page in the New Universal login on `authorize?action=signup` endpoint

Hey Auth0 Community!

We are currently using the new universal login experience and I am wondering how we can redirect users the signup screen of the login prompt when the endpoint is authorize?action=signup. The current behaviour when users click register on our site they are redirected to the sign in page even tho the registration URL is configured with the /authorize?action=signup endpoint.

Happy to provide more details should there be a need.


Hi @Tamimi.AlTamimi , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It looks like we do have an FAQ post here that should be able to help with your query.

Since you are using the New UL, you will want to use the screen_hint='signup' parameter.

Hope this information helps!


Fantastic, that is exactly what I was looking for and it works! Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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