Auth0 Ionic 4 cordova plugin not supporting screen_hint: 'signup'


I am testing the auth0 ionic4 cordova quickstarts sample in android and ios. I see the universal login page displaying sucessfully. But my requirement is to default user to login or signup based on the option selected in the application.

I see universal login documentation for setting screen_hint:signup. I added this in option but seeing the following warning and not defaulting to signup tab.

vendor-es2015.js:112647 Following parameters are not allowed on the /authorize endpoint: [screen_hint]

How we can make this functionality same lock? Looks like lock to use with cordova only native option and not with IONIC4.

Can you please post the code snippets and/or request, preferably both.

I see the universal login page displaying sucessfully.

Are you using the Classic or New Universal Login Page (referring to the setting Auth0 Dashboard > Universal Login)

I am just running the quickstart sample for auth0 only. I tried both classic and new pages. Both has same issue.

Only change I made is added screen_hint: ‘signup’ in options. How can I make default to signup with cordova and universal login page.

login() {

    this.loading = true;

    const options = {

      scope: 'openid profile offline_access',

      screen_hint: 'signup'


    // Authorize login request with Auth0: open login page and get auth results

    this.Client.authorize(options, (err, authResult) => {

      if (err) { => this.loading = false);

        throw err;


      // Set access token'access_token', authResult.accessToken);

      this.accessToken = authResult.accessToken;

      // Set access token expiration

      const expiresAt = JSON.stringify((authResult.expiresIn * 1000) + new Date().getTime());'expires_at', expiresAt);

      // Set logged in

      this.loading = false;

      this.loggedIn = true;

      // Fetch user's profile info

      this.Auth0.client.userInfo(this.accessToken, (err, profile) => {

        if (err) {

          throw err;

        }'profile', profile).then(val =>

 => this.user = profile)





screen_hint: 'signup' only applies to the New ULP. If you use Classic, you should follow a different approach.

For Classic ULP see:

Therefore it’s important to know which ULP version you actually plan to use.

Thanks for your response. The new ULP is displaying signup page with screen_hint but there is still warning on the console saying “Following parameters are not allowed screen_hint”.

Can you please add a screenshot of the login page incl. the dev console open with that message. (Blur anything sensitive on the screen as needed).

Here is the screen shot for console warning.