How can I redirect user directly to Sign Up page - closer

on this page it refers to a solution for directing the users direct to the signup tab which is exactly what I want to do.

" You can make users land directly on the Signup page instead of the Login page by specifying the screen_hint=signup parameter when redirecting to /authorize ."

So I did that and the parameter was included in the url that I see when I get the Auth0 login page:…&screen_hint=signup

However, I still get the login tab and not the signup tab.

Is there some redirection going on that I don’t understand - or maybe I have a setting that is wrong.

The original URL that I pointed to was /authorize, but the url in the browser is /login

URL sent:…&screen_hint=signup’…&screen_hint=signup

Still confused!

If you are using the Classic ULP and not the New ULP (Universal Login Page), then the approach is different. And since you mention Tab I assume you’re using the Classic ULP, because the New one doesn’t have tabs. (The linked docs refers to the New ULP.)

Whether to use Classic or New ULP is chosen in the Auth0 Dashboard > Universal Login.

For the Classic ULP, this would be the approach:

You would add that parameter mentioned in option B in the authorization request towards Auth0. Where exactly depends on the SDK you’re using (Auth0.js, auth-spa-js, something else?)