November 2023 Community News

November 2023 Community News

Welcome back! Thank you to everyone who contributed to our developer forum in the month of November and we wish everyone a happy and productive December! Here’s what happened in Auth0 by Okta Community Forum during the past month!

Community Programs, Initiatives & Announcements

Most Engaged Community Members Shout-Out!

Thank you to everyone who stayed active in our community forum in the month of November. We wanted to give a huge shout-out to top 3 most active community members in the previous month. Here they are (:drum: please!):

  • Thank you @spoudel for helping others understand where their issue come from and replying to their questions related to session timeouts and getting invalid requests errors but also not receiving SMS OTP. You also showed extensive knowledge helping troubleshoot Auth0 Login Actions. Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you @secomm for your contributions as well! Through replies and solutions you managed to share knowledge and help others with Auth0 Vercel + next.js login. Your collaboration with one of our developer support engineers regarding decoding session tokens in Auth0 Actions really stands out!

  • Thank you @cmoreno for sharing your solution regarding unsupported_response_type error. Your research and knowledge sharing for sure is going to save others’ time when troubleshooting their problems!

It’s people like you that help this community thrive! The more we help each other here, with our Auth0 implementations, the more effective this place will be. Thank you!

New Blog Articles

Here are the new blog articles published in the month of November. Let us know your questions and thoughts by sharing comments in blog discussion topics!

TOP 5 New FAQs from November

Looking for useful knowledge? We got you covered! Make sure to browse through the most viewed FAQs and Knowledge Articles we posted last month!

Top Trending Feedback Cards from November

Here are top 10 most voted and viewed Feedback cards from the month of November. Make sure to advocate, add context and vote for the ones you are interested in!

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