Microsoft Azure AD option not available through Auth0 SSO


I created an Auth0 app and added a new connection for Microsoft Azure AD. I tested the connection and it was successful
Now, I used the React quickstart app and when I tried to log in, it didn’t show me the Microsoft Azure AD option

Currently, I am using the Auth0 22 days trial version. Please let me know if I am missing anything.

I might be totally wrong here, but I believe you can enter your AD credentials in the username password fields and it should realise it’s an AD account. Have never tested it, though, but that’s what the Lock marketing page claims will happen.

Thank you. Its working if I enter my AD creds in username/pwd fields. I was expecting some button like login with Azure AD account similar to google.

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Thanks a lot @thijmen96 for sharing knowledge! Glad that you made it work for you @satish30790!

Thanks @konrad.sopala, but it vey confusing. I was expected a button like login with Azure AD or something. Do you know if Auth0 has anything in the backlog to add this option to make it more intuitive instead of using the uname/pwd fields

Unfortunately nothing I’m aware of but you can always submit it as feature request to our product team via:

Hope it helps!

Thanks @konrad.sopala, will do

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