Azure Active Directory Integration Not Working

I’ve configured the standard Auth0 SampleMVCApp to use Azure AD using the steps here

Testing the connection works (… returns " It Works!" …) but when I run the app and login, I do not get an enterprise login option:

One time when logging in (without changing anything, but having waited a couple of days over Christmas) I got the following, which logged me into the app. But I have not been able to replicate.


My Azure AD App configured with:

  • Account type = Multitenant
  • Implict grant = Access tokens and ID tokens checked

My Auth0 Azure AD connection is configured as

  • Use common endpoint = enabled
  • Identity API = Microsoft Identity Platform (v2)

I get the same results with the app deployed from localhost, or hosted as an Azure Web App.

Wondering what I’ve missed.

Hi @tarry.jonathan!!

When using the “Classic” universal login experience (the one where you can fully customize the HTML of the login page) coupled with Lock, enterprise connections won’t show a button. Instead, what you get is “Home Realm Discovery”, where you configure one or more domains in the enterprise connection (e.g. “”) and then Lock will check if the user types an email address with a domain associated with a connection. When that happens, the password field will disappear and clicking the login button will take the user to the external identity provider (Azure AD in this case).

The second image that you posted is the consent prompt. This is Auth0 asking the user for permission before giving the application access to a user’s resource. The consent screen will be displayed once per user/resource/application under certain circumstances:

  • Application is running on localhost
  • Application is a third-party app
  • API (resource) is configured to always show the consent form

See for more information.

Thanks @nicolas_sabena - that did the trick!


Glad you have it working now Tarry!

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