Auth0.js - webAuth.authorize() not showing Enterprise connection

Hi all,

My application in Auth0 has 3 connections. If you look at the screenshot, I have the following connections:

  1. Username-Password-Authentication
  2. google-oauth2
  3. An Enterprise connection to Microsoft Azure AD. We’ll call it “ad-connection”

Using the Auth0.js library, when I call webAuth.authorize(), if I don’t pass a parameter, it is my understanding that it’s supposed to show me all of my available connections and let me choose which one I want to login with. It shows me option 1 and 2 which is great, but option 3 is missing:

What’s even more interesting, is that if I call webAuth.authorize({ connection: "ad-connection"}); to specifically target a connection, I get the proper Microsoft login screen where I can sign in via AD.

I’m new to Auth0 and this library, but my goal would be to let a user choose between logging in via AD or Username-Password-Authentication from the same screen. I have also tried inputting my AD credentials into the Username-Password-Authentication form and can confirm it does not recognize my login.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of how to achieve this or if it can be done with this library? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Hi @Catalyst619,

You can configure universal login to show a button for Azure AD.

Go to the connection → Login Experience → Connection button → :ballot_box_with_check: Display connection as a button.

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Thank you for your help @dan.woda !

Any chance this setting was moved to another place? Under Login Experience, it seems the only things I can configure the Identity Provider Domains and Microsoft Azure AD Domain

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It looks like you might be using classic universal login. Is there a specific reason you chose classic? If not, you should be able to switch to new UL and see the button option.

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