How do I keep an enterprise connection button on the login page while supporting multiple enterprise connections?

My company has a SaaS product, we would like to always display the Azure AD enterprise connection on the login screen (because Azure handles its own Home Realm Discovery), but have other connections set up to use HRD.

It seems like once I have two enterprise connections, it hides the “Login for Azure AD” button in the universal login button, and I don’t see any support for HRD in the Auth0.js library used for custom login pages.


Digging into this more, it seems like I can re-implement the HRD on my custom login screen if I can pass a login_hint via the Authorize call, but I don’t see where I could set that. How do I pass that along?

I am also interested in accomplishing this and interested if you find a working solution.

It looks like that the new universal login shows both “database” and “enterprise connections” login