I need to build a login page with enterprise connections shown as button

Problem statement

We want to develop a custom login experience wherein we have a simple Database connection and/or provide the option of an SSO login with an Azure AD connection. We want to display the two options simultaneously on one login page, where the Azure AD connection is shown as a button.


  • Using the classic login widget customization while the New Universal Login option was enabled hides the button selection in the enterprise connection.


When using the New Universal Login page, any enterprise connection can appear as a button on the login page along with regular username/password login, if you enable the button from the “Login Experience” tab on the enterprise connection. If the classic login widget is turned on, this view is hidden in the connection settings, so to set it from the dashboard, please disable the classic login customization if enabled.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.47.32.png

With the classic universal login page, having a button for the enterprise connection using our Lock widget isn’t supported. Still, you may implement it on a fully custom classic login page with the Auth0.js library.

We recommend the new universal login page whenever possible. See the comparison between the new and classic universal login pages below: