Show Microsoft login button directly on login page

Feature: Show Microsoft login button directly on login.

Description: Currently you have to enter your email. If it is a Microsoft account, Auth0 will remove the password field so you can log in with Microsoft. However, this is confusing to some of our users, as they are used to just pressing “Log in with Microsoft”.

This question was also asked 3 years ago: Microsoft Azure AD option not available through Auth0 SSO - #2 by thijmen96. I am wondering if any progress (or any plans) has been made?

I would expect it to work like this:

Use-case: We are building an enterprise app in an industry where people mostly use Office 365. Easy! However, we recently had to add email + password login as well.


Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community! Let’s see how many people will be interested in such improvement as well!