Adding button to login with Microsoft-SSO in auth0-lock (React)

Hello community,

I’m using auth0-lock version 11.33.0 in my React.js app, and currently have two login options: username+password and “Sign in with Google”.

I’m trying to add a “Sign in with Microsoft-SSO” button, but without any luck.

this is the allowedConnections field i’m using in my auth0-lock config:

  allowedConnections: [

this is what I get (screenshot):

Important to note that my auth0 app is configured to support Microsoft-SSO logins, and I also have some users that use it, but to login they need to their email and only then they get the option to “Continue with SSO”:

Would like your advice on that. Thanks!

Replying to my topic because I couldn’t edit the post:

Wanted to make my proposition clearer :slight_smile: - I would very appreciate any help with regards to how to add the “Sign in with Office 365” button below the “Sign in with Google” one.

Thanks :slight_smile: