How to implement SSO with react app

Hi there! I have created spa in auth0 and integrated auth0 to my react app using auth0 react sdk. I also connected the app to Google (Connect Apps to Google), so I can log in via Google account on Universal Login page. Everything works as expected. I don’t understand how to configure SSO G Suite in this case. I had tried this article (G Suite Single Sign-On Integration), but it didn’t really help.


I’m going to research the G Suite SSO integration and let you know what I find. In the meantime, can you explain a bit more about what you’d like to set up for your application as well as any problems you ran into when following the G Suite Guide? Thank you!

Thanks. As I understand I need to have at least two apps (for example, two SPAs) to get SSO work?

The G Suite SSO integration will create an application in your tenant so that users can authenticate with Auth0 identity providers when accessing G Suite. So you could just use one app and a G Suite account. In other words, users could log with an Auth0 connection and be able to access G Suite as well as your SPA. Is that the functionality you are looking for?

Exactly, but I had tried the article (G Suite Single Sign-On Integration), and it didn’t really help me set it all up correctly.