Unable to get SSO to work across 2 applications

We have setup two REACT applications but we are unable to get SSO to work across both the applications. We can only successfully login to each application individually.

APP 1:
Running on http://localhost:3000

Callback URI’s:

APP 2:
Running on http://localhost:4000

Callback URI’s:
http://localhost:3000/callback, http://localhost:4000/callback

What are we missing? Can anyone point us in the right direction…


Hey there @efernandes,

I understand it has been some time since this initial question was posted but I have included two links to our documentation related to our React quickstart and SSO that may be able to help you in your quest. Please let me know if this is still a challenge or if you have any new questions I can assist with.

I will go ahead and keep this topic open for 10 days unless I hear otherwise from you, thank you.

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