Issue with SSO on 2 apps

app 1: using the react configuration
app 2: uses vanilla JS configuration

app 2: uses a event to trigger to auth0Client.handleRedirectCallback()

if i login to app 1 i would expect app 2 to be able to use the cookie to login, how ever it does not, and im at a lose to why,
single Username-Password-Authentication connection, using 2 applications on the same domain. any advice or pointers to articles that would help.

Issue could be due to multiple factors: SameSite cookie attributes, subdomain handling, or incorrect Auth0 client setup. Make sure:

  1. Both apps share the same Auth0 domain and client_id.
  2. Cookies are set with SameSite=None; Secure if apps are on different subdomains.
  3. Use checkSession method in App 2 to check for existing session.

For App 2, on page load or event:

auth0Client.checkSession({}, (err, authResult) => {
  if (authResult && authResult.accessToken) {
    // User is logged in
    // Set user session
  } else {
    // Handle error or login

For more details, refer to Auth0’s SSO documentation: Auth0 SSO.

If issue persists, debugging steps:

  1. Check browser console for errors.
  2. Inspect network tab for failed requests.
  3. Check Auth0 logs for anomalies.

No partial answers, just actionable steps. Hope this helps.

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after further investigation we are using custom domains which i was unaware of, updated domain to use custom domain - issue now resolved.

Thank ypu @suchislife801

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