SSO is not working


I have 2 applications and I want to implement SSO between these two apps. Here is my setup:

  • Single Tenant
  • Two Auth0 Applications
  • Single username DB on Auth0
  • Custom Auth0 domain on
  • Two React Apps on two domains,,
  • All domains are in the allowed callback urls list in Auth0 Applications

What I expect to have seamless authentication between two Apps. But after I login the app1, app2 also asks for login

Let’s say I logged in to app1. When I try to login to app2, I am redirected to login page on and I can see that “auth0” named cookie is set. But still it is not redirecting me back to app2.

Please help.


I found the problem.

The problem for me was:

I was using prompt=login option for loginWithRedirect. This will always show the login prompt even if there is a valid session on the server. Just removed prompt=login option and it works now.

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