Issues when implementing SSO between two auth0 SPAs

Hi everyone,

We have an issue trying to make SSO work between two auth0 SPAs on different domains but in the same tenant. Let me explain:

We have

App A:
App B:

Both apps have Universal Login set up and working fine by themselves.

We can redirect App B from App A; it automatically authorizes the user, and the login screen is not displayed.

But if we login to App A, and then try to access App B without using App A meaning accessing directly the login screen is displayed and does not recognize the App A session

The first case is achievable because we are getting the organization id from App A and passing it onto App B when redirecting the users as follows

This is our code to get the authorized URL using buildAuthorizeUrl from the userAuth0 hook

const { buildAuthorizeUrl } = useAuth0();
	const search = useLocation().search;
	const organization = new URLSearchParams(search).get('organization');
	React.useEffect(() => {
		const geturl = async () => {
			const invitationUrl = await buildAuthorizeUrl({
				redirect_uri: window.location.origin,
				audience: process.env.REACT_APP_AUTH0_AUDIENCE,
				organization: organization || ''
	}, []);

it’s clear to us that it’s not working because if we don’t access App B from App A we don’t have the organizationId hence our buildAuhtorizeUrl will not work.

So we were wondering what could be a workaround for this situation

Thanks in advance for any help :smile:

Any suggestions on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.