SSO between different React Apps


I’m trying to implement a SSO between one or more React Applications.
We are planning to use a domain and use subdomains to identificate each app:

I used the github code example for NodeJs/React and it’s working fine for app1. But when I try to access the app2, app3… I have to login for each one again. Their login are independent each other. That’s probably because CORS and LocalStorage… But my apps will be under the same root domain ( and once logged in users should navigate between them as they wish, without need to reauthenticate.

We are currently using the native Auth0 Login Page, don’t have a custom login page.

How should I configure and implement a single sign-on between the different applications? Do you have any clarification of similar use case how to configure or some code sample?

Thank you very much for your information and support.

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Hey there @rogerio.biondi! We have some documentation on Single Sign On that may help you in your implementation here. Give it a look and let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

I wanted to follow up @rogerio.biondi and see if you had any further questions on SSO? Thanks!


The POC was successful and I’d like to thank you. But I want to feedback that the documentation was difficult. It has a lot of information but could have more stream-line examples. There was also out of date code and I had to find the latest javascript Auth0.js library documentation to figure out how to implement it. Despite these problems, all right.

Thank you very much for your support!

I’m glad to hear you got it working @rogerio.biondi! I would be happy to take any feedback on what could improve the documentation so we can help make the docs to be even better, Thanks!

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