Auth0 SSO integration for Google Workspace

*** Update: No response yet. Hoping to get some help here. ***

I’m setting up Auth0 as my SAML SSO provider for Google Workspace. I’ve tried both the SSO integration and building an application from scratch. In both cases I’m able to get through my login but the redirect back to Google is failing with a 400 error, landing on The application settings are very simple so I don’t see what else I can change to make this work. The custom application offers the option of adding multiple callback and web origin URLs, but the SSO integration does not and both are generating the same error.

I’m using this Google documentation to guide my settings. I’m at a loss for how to make this work.

This might help?

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I used the Auth0 documentation to build the application from scratch after I couldn’t get it to work using the SSO integration. I don’t know what else to try. I’m hoping someone who already got this working can chime in with suggestions.

You’ve got the wrong doc if you’re trying to authenticate with Google and be logged into Auth0. That is for Google being a Service Provider, not IDP.

I tried setting this up two ways with different benefits, both as Authentication → Enterprise Connections:

  1. Custom SAML App - This is more work to set up, but has the benefit of there being an app tile for users to click on from GSuite.
  2. Google Workspace connection - This was somewhat easier to set up with OAuth, and fuller featured with identity management, but it requires SP-initiated login, which didn’t meet our needs.