MFA Recovery code lost

Hey guys,

I switched from mobile device and forgot to transfer my Google Authenticator data.
Best of all, I can’t seem to find my Auth0 recovery code. Would it be possible to get it unlocked?



Shoot me a DM and we can fix this up for you


Upon verification this has been reset.

I have the dame problem

@angelainge can you DM me if you are having the same problem with MFA and we can help you.

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I have the same problem. How do I send DM?

I figured out. I sent you a DM @kimcodes

:wave: @raj I got your DM! Thank you, I will continue the conversation there.

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I need the same thing… how is this not possible already from the user management page?

@kimcodes I need to restore my account too. Changed phone numbers.

I see ojemac you were able to fix your situation.

@awumsuri if you’re not able to open a support ticket please DM me for your details and I can have someone contact you to restore your account.

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Hello. I have same problem. I changed my mobile phone and guardian app does not work for login now.

hi @devsezer if you cannot open a support ticket can you DM me your tenant name and email address please :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, I got a new phone recently.

Hi @jerdog, my phone crashed and I cannot find my MFA recovery code. Could you please help me reset my account?


If you’re unable to open a support ticket please send me a DM with your tenant name and email address.

Sending you a pm Jeremy. Support system asks me also for the recovery code.

same problem with lost recovery code.


@jerdog I have DMed you on this issue. Thanks.

I’m having the same issue. How do I get this resolved?