How to change device?


I had setupped the MFA authentication for my profile on Auth0 dashboard but I broke my device.

I have the recovery code, so I was able to login back, but I’m not able to remove the old device, because after all the ‘remove’ process is finished, it says to me ‘invalid bearer token’ in the end.

How can I change the device?


Hi @lucax88x you need to file a ticket sending us the email which needs the MFA reseted and someone within the Auth0 team (most probably me) will do that for you. Hope that helps.

Thanks @lobo, It’s possible that I’m not able to create a ticket within a free subscription?


It’s possible, yes. Please send an email to (it’s me)

I’m having the same issue, I wasn’t able to remove the MFA before resetting phone and now I can only log in by using the recovery code each time. I’m on a free subscription also. What to do?

@lobo I have the same issue. Is there another way to resolve this issue or do we need to send direct emails to someone in the Auth0 support? Thanks

I’m also getting this error. Any fix?


@kjourdain @sheldonwjones hey guys, for the time being, please send the email you need the reset to (me), we’re fixing this process now.

Hi everyone reading this thread,

For the time being we will receive requests via this thread and they will follow a validation process to verify the request and the identity of the requester. In the mid/long-term we will provide a more suitable way to perform these requests.


Hey guys,

I have to same problem with my other account. I changed devices but I didn’t transfer my MFA settings. Best of all, I can’t seem to find my Auth0 recovery code.

Could you help me reset my MFA settings?


Hi there,

I need to change the device registered to receive notifications for my account, since that device was stolen, any help would be appreciated.



I have this problem as well. I used the Guardian-app on my old phone, and now I can log in with the recovery code, but it seems that I can´t change my enrolled device.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards!


I am facing the same issue. I changed my phone recently.
And now I need to reset MFA as new phone does not have Guardian set up.

Thanks and Regards

I have a new device and I need to setup Google Authenticator on it.

Hi I need to change my device as well, should I email on the address provided?

Hey there @Chris_Allison!

Here’s the appropriate thread with appropriate process :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me about it via private message! Thanks!


I changed my phone, can you reset my MFA for me please? Thanks

Hey there!

I need you to send me first your tenant name and tenant admin email address via private message.

Thank you!

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