How to Change Auth0 devices

Moving to a new device, but no method or instruction on how to change to a new device. Still have old device and can use to authenticate for now, but I need to get this switched over. I had to make a new account just to post this request as my existing email w/Auth0 doesn’t seem to exist in your database. Please help

Hi @youqianren97,

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If you go into your Auth0 dashboard, you should see your profile icon in the top right corner. From there, click Your Profile. If you scroll down, you will see all of your MFA factors. There, you can remove the existing factor and enroll in a new one.

Before doing this, I would suggest recording a recovery code in case you have an issue during the process.

Click ‘Your profile’

Then select the MFA factor you would like to remove and add.

:point_right: Don’t forget to set up a secondary MFA factor to protect you from losing access to your account!

@dan.woda thanks for your response. Actually I don’t have Auth0 web credentials. I honestly don’t remember setting it up but I certainly have an account via the app on my iphone. In any case, I tried to retrieve the password (which I have no record of) using the email I use for my Auth0 transactions, but when I do this I get no email from your side to set a new password. This leads me to believe that Auth0 has no record of my credentials in its database. What do you suggest as a next step?

I am going to send you a DM and we can work this out there.

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