Reset User MFA options are different

One of our users has lost his device and recovery codes so I am trying to follow this guide to reset/remove MFA and I do not have the same options in the actions dropdown as suggested in the link provided.

Is it still possible via the dashboard to remove/reset MFA for a single user?

Hey there Mark!

Is it a normal user or some other admin of your tenant?


I am admin of the tenant, but I am updating a non admin.

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Got it. Can you share with me the screenshot of how it looks for you?


Hmm that’s weird. Are you sure this user is enrolled into MFA?

The user says he is. And previously used authenticator. We’ve asked for him to share a screenshot of the login page so we can see whats going on.

I used the management API to get his enrollments and couldnt see anything there (i got an empty response).

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Can you shoot me a direct message here in the forum with your tenant name and. that user user id so we can investigate that? Thank you!

Thanks - Our user took a little while to get back to me and I wanted to verify things for myself on his screen. I have sent you the information via DM.

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Thanks let’s continue there!

It turned out that the user was in separate MFA system not Auth0 one.