MFA Recovery code lost

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Hello Jeremy. I am having the same issue. How can my account get unlocked?

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I’m having the same issue.

Hey there @alwaysrossi4554 and everyone who still have issue with that!

Please DM me with your tenant name and email address!

Thanks a lot!

For anyone having problems with losing MFA recovery code in the future, there is a process that we need to follow and in order to start that, you need to DM one of Auth0 Employees here in the forum to have it fixed.

Here are the things that you need to send to Auth0 employee to start the procedure:

  • tenant name
  • tenant admin email address
  • email of a user that you request the reset for

Feel free to shoot me with DM if you face such struggle!

Thanks a lot!

Hi @kimcodes my MFA code is also lost and our Tech team already opened a ticket about this can you reset my MFA code

Hey there!

Please refer to the message above. I can assist you in that struggle as Kim no longer is Auth0 employee.

Thanks a lot!

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@konrad.sopala need your help with unlock my account

Hey there @eran.darzi!

Please contact me via private with your tenant name and tenant admin email address.


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Even i facing same its asking me recovery code which i had forget any help is welcome.

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@gaganm I just sent you a private message regarding that.

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how can I fix this can you please let me know I saw few topics that there is process to reset it. I lost my phone where I had all codes and my recovery code is also not there. Please let me know.
Its little urgent

Hey there!

You need to send me via private message your tenant name and tenant admin email address.

Thank you!

hi i need help with gaining access to my orchard account. i changed my phone and now i cant confirm log in. and i lost my code.

Hey there @mgfantaye!

I’ll contact you via private message regarding that! Thank you!