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Management API with inconsistent results




I’m using LogRocket to monitor my application activity and upon a user reporting a bug in our UI, I was surprised to see some inconsistencies in the Managment API between the following calls in terms of the app_metadata returned: returned

    "activation_pending" : false,
    "invitation_sent" : false,
    "role": "Admin"


    "activation_pending" : true,
    "invitation_sent" : false,
    "role": "Admin"

I can provide the time and date of these calls if necessary but I wondered if I’m doing something wrong? Why are the responses different? Is one method more reliable?



Hey Safiyya!

To be honest that’s a kind of strange behaviour! Both ways should be working the same. Do you still get such inconsistencies?


Hi Konrad,

I switched to the v3 search engine and haven’t seen it happen since then. Could it be that the v2 is showing discrepancies?


Perfect then! Not sure if that could be the case for v2 but we’ll definitely investigate it further! Thanks for reporting that!


Yep the reason was V2. Search v2 is deprecated, this is why you might get stale results at that point. Sorry for that!


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