Inconsistent authorization API behavior

I am using Auth0 authentication API (Resource Owner Password- with realm).
This API has inconsistent behavior, sometimes it responds properly with the token and sometimes with following error:
“error”: “invalid_request”,
“error_description”: “Unknown error from provider”
This behavior is very frequent and user is getting error almost every second click on login, however there is no difference in the request body for 2 subsequent calls.
I have attached the screenshots for this error.

Please help me to overcome this issue ASAP.

Note: I have De-identified the App credentials.

We are open for a quick conference call to demonstrate the issue and find a resolution, quick response is appreciated.

Hi @trivikrama,

Is this issue isolated to one user?

Can you please provide me with your tenant name, and the id of the effected user via DM so I can take a look at the logs.


No this is not limited to one user, but with all the users.

can we setup a call on this issue today or tomorrow. We have already given too much of effort and time into this.

Hi @trivikrama,

Are you using a custom DB? If so, then this error is likely associated with some intermittent connection to that DB.

I am not seeing other users experience this intermittence and there is currently no outage that suggests the API is causing the error. Can you check your logs and see what error is being thrown when this happens?

In addition to this message I sent you a DM about setting up a call.


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