401 Unauthorized Error from Auth0

Hi! Our backend (API) is facing problems during integration with Auth0. Detailed informations with screens are in attached PDF. Problems have started about 3 days ago.

This issue seems to be affecting all the environments: including all dev environments. I don’t think that is issue on our backend side - it’s not possible, because we didn’t change our API, especially on all our APIs at once (prod and dev envs).
I think that there are three ways of this issue:
• Something has changed on auth0 API side and require change on our side too – we don’t know what it is
• Something has changed on auth0 API side and doesn’t require any changes on our API side
• Something has changed on our API side some days ago and now is affecting auth0 API? – it’s very wired but I don’t have any other idea - we have tested all our APIs and I’ve checked prod and dev auth0 settings. I’ve tested the mail domain also – I mean I’ve checked with my gmail domain to make sure that zoutlook deprecated domain is not the reason of auth0 issue.

Can someone help me with that, please?

auth0_issue.pdf (869.6 KB)

We resolved that problem by this PR:

Auth0 please take a look on your CloudFlare or/and API. It was working as expected before. We can close this thread.

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Hey there @m.marciniak, I’m glad you were able to come up with a solution and I will be sure to share this feedback. If you need any additional assistance please let me know, thanks!

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