Callback is not working when logging in

So to start off, the only thing I changed was I renewed my sites certificate and I then noticed that I’m not able to log in to the site using Auth0.

I did not change anything related to the Auth0 coding in my application and I checked the logs in Auth0 which are saying that I logged in successfully multiple times.

I just added console.log(info) and it is telling me this.
{ message: ‘Unable to verify authorization request state.’ }

So Auth0 is only allowing me to login with this.

cookie: {
httpOnly: false,
secure: false

Still having same issue.

Does anyone know the cause of this?

Issue resolved on its own.

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Glad to hear that! Sorry for the delay in assistance but recently the number of questions coming in is too big for our bandwidth. Glad it eventually solved itself!

same issue, does anyone have a solution?

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I added the dns of my site to cloudflare and the issue resolved itself after a few days.
It now uses cloudflare’s certificate which resolved the issue.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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