Auth0 callback error

I’m using Aut0 for the authentication of my web app, but the callback handling is giving me some trouble
here is the CODE and the log from Auth0.
This is the allowed call back URLs
http:// localhost:3000/callback,

To give more context in to the subject. I’m using VsCode Runing python code in the terminal button that automatically detects changes and restart the server, also tried with flask run, deleted the pycache files, use incognito mode,
My OS is the latest Manjaro everything updated, please any idea what’s going on?
some time it works, but almost never works, and i’m stock right now. thanks in regards

Bye the way this is the error i’m getting in the console
“GET /login HTTP/1.1” 302 -
“GET /callback?code=****************&state=*****************C HTTP/1.1” 500 -

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the pastebin links have expired so don’t really know what error you are getting. could you paste both the code and error logs again. Would be best if you just paste the relevant code/log part here instead of pastebin