Auth0 response time results in 401 from AWS API Gateway

We use Auth0 as an authorizer for our AWS Cognito integration, and we’ve been getting issues where our AWS API Gateway will sometimes return a 401 without hitting our actual API.

We reached out to AWS Support, and they mentioned that the reason the Gateway was returning a 401 was that the authorizer was taking more than 1500ms to respond, which is a hard limit for their API Gateway.

I’ve been trying to investigate what’s happening, but I can’t seem to find much information in our Auth0 logs. The only request that matches the timeframe of the last time the issue occurred was successful, but it doesn’t mention how long it took to respond.

If I could get assistance in determining what is happening and potentially how to fix it, I would very much appreciate it!

We have been seeing the same issue (401) for several weeks now.
I have an open ticket with Auth0 from January this year and they have not resolved it yet.

Hey there!

@yori can you reach out to me here in the forum via private message with your email so I can follow up on that support ticket? Thank you!

Hey there everyone!

I followed up on the support ticket. It sits with the engineering now. Following up with Engineering now to see what’s the progress here. Will let you know as soon as they get back to me. Thank you!