Low response from /oauth/token

Hi, I would like to know if there’s some problems with auth0 api or something. Yesterday I had my tokens in less than 3s. Today without changing anything of my code, It takes about 40s to get a token.

This is my code:

conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection(os.getenv("AUTH0_DOMAIN"))
        payload = "{\"client_id\":\""+ os.getenv('AUTH0_CLIENT_ID')+"\",\"client_secret\":\""+ os.getenv('CLIENT_SECRET')+"\",\"audience\":\"https://"+ os.getenv('AUTH0_DOMAIN')+"/api/v2/\",\"grant_type\":\"client_credentials\"}"

        headers = { 'content-type': "application/json" }

        conn.request("POST", "/oauth/token", payload, headers)

        res = conn.getresponse()
        data = res.read()
        datajson = json.loads(data.decode("utf-8"))

Hey there!

Checking our status page and talking with our engineering teams it seems like there wasn’t anything that could have affected this. Do you still experience this?

Yeah, I’m still getting this long time responses. I’ll try to run the same command on other machine, and with other internet provider, maybe that is related with the issue. :frowning:

Maybe its something on the M2M config but I haven’t change anything, but I’m new using auth0 so I maybe did something wrong

I tried to run the code from other machine and internet provider and It actually got the response in less than 3s. Maybe I’ll have to change my provider :frowning:

Gotchya so it seems like that can indeed be the core issue here.

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