Slow access token


I’m playing with the management api to get an access token. I’m using Postman to make the calls and get the token, I noticed that the response takes between 120ms - 400ms to return a token back. How can I speedup that? I was expecting something like around 30ms.
And why the response from the application server is slow I got something like 300ms to 500ms. Is there any why to improve that?

Thank you

Hi there @some81!

To begin with, let me apologise for such delay in response. We’re doing our best in providing as much valuable knowledge to community as possible but sometimes we are people resources constraint.

Getting back to your issue. I’m sure it must have been a temporary delay in server response time that is for sure solved by now. Sorry for the inconvenience and for delay in response. I’ll close the topic as it’s probably no longer relevant.

Thank you !