401 Unauthorized, again

Hello, just so you know. I was having a 401 Unauthorized problem. Wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what was the problem with my code. But I stumbled on that post:

It says its a bug and its resolved but doesn’t seem to be solved for me at least… Tried what they suggested, to switch to Regular Web App, then back to SPA and it fixed my problem. Please fix that. It almoste made me leave the auth0 option right from the start.



Hi @trivialis,

Were you able to solve the problem? That thread is very old and the bug in it has be fixed. I would not expect you to have the same issue that is listed in that thread.

Unauthorized errors can happen for many reasons, and they are generally ambiguous because they are client facing.

Let me know if you are still running into the error and I can help (if so, please post the full error with message, and any other relevant info you can provide).